Hi! Welcome to my shop! My name is Hannah and I’m the owner and creator of Seize the Clay Studios. My love for pottery began in high school. I loved it so much that I ended up majoring in it at university. Once I graduated, I got a full time job in the ceramics field. I felt so empowered to be continuing my education and learning how to operate a full functioning studio with equipment that I had never worked with before. Eventually, I realized that I could create a studio of my own and become my own boss, working on products that filled my heart with joy. A couple of years later, that dream became a reality. 


When creating a concept for my business, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a metaphysical aspect into it. I have always adored crystals and took interest in not only their beauty, but also in the healing properties they give. I am so incredibly passionate about the products that I create. I hope that you find something that you are drawn to that helps elevate your sacred space (physically and energetically). Personally, I find it so important to collect pieces for my own home that bring me a sense of peace, joy, and creativity. My goal is to create pieces that give off that same energy, for you.